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PQube 3

You can now perform fast diagnostics of power issues and in depth power consumption analysis. The PQube® 3 is an ultra-precise multi-function power quality and energy meter, with environmental sensing and external process measurement capabilities. PQube® 3 sends you text and graph visualization files directly to your email inbox! No software required.

PQube 3 delivers information that can be used immediately

  • Monitors AC power (or DC power),  but also your process parameter like speed or flow, with additional  analog AC/DC channels
  • Enhances the power diagnostic by also measuring the environment conditions with advanced EnviroSensor probes
  • Your campaign measurements are stored for years, and continuously stored as 1 min (min/max/average) trends daily, or 5 min trends, weekly or monthly. No gaps, you don’t miss a single cycle
  • You can store several thousands of events (16 GB flash memory)
  • Extensive library of waveform triggers on voltage magnitude, voltage HF impulses, frequency, currents inrush , AC/DC channels, and more.
  • All measured parameters are available every half-second in real-time (via Modbus or SNMP)
  • Trends and events can be quickly accessed using your Internet browser – no software needed
  • Interface available in more than 13 languages– the graphs can be delivered in two simultaneous languages (ideal for international teams)

PQube 3 installs easily

  • Connects the mains voltage directly into the PQube 3 terminals up to 600VAC nominal
  • Connects safely and quickly to currents with split-core CTs or Flexible (Rogowsky coils) CTs
  • Auto configures by auto-detecting the mains frequency, wiring configuration and nominal voltage
  • Allows easy wiring verification and provides status via the embedded color touch screen, can be operated with protection gloves.
  • Can manage connection wiring mistakes after installation is done, via its configuration

PQube 3 is easy to manage

  • Easy changes in configuration can be done on site with a USB thumb drive, or remotely via Web browser, FTP or email. The configuration is a text file
  • Free firmware updates can be done on site with a USB thumb drive, or via Web browser or FTP


  • Easily connects current channels with split-core CTs or Flexible (Rogowsky coils) CTs
  • Supports 8 X single phase circuit or 2 X 3-phase circuits
  • Complies with ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 revenue grade accuracy (*)
  • Computes 4-quadrant energy (import/export, reactive/capacitive)
  • Computes active/reactive/apparent powers, Power Factor or DPF (CosPhi)
  • Supports user-defined demand intervals (3, 10, 15, 30, 60 mins)
  • Publishes real-time values of all powers and energies (Modbus TCP/IP)

(*) Class 0.2S  IEC 62053-22


  • Enhance your diagnostic by adding:
    • Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, shock and sesimic measurements, vibration level with PSL’s advanced EnviroSensors (ENV2)
    • External sensors measurements, e.g .level gauges, solar irradiance, flow, speed, battery charge and consumption, with PQube3 four analog AC/DC channels
  • Detect and record mechanical shocks, seismic disturbances, tilt changes



  • Synchronized sampling at 512 sample per cycle on ALL channels
    (includes eight currents, four AC/DC analog, one digital)
  • Up to 4 MHz(*) high frequency impulse detection and recording, on all four voltage channels
  • Fully compliant with Class A requirements of the measurement method IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3
  • Sags/swells/interruptions on mains voltage, (IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3 /IEEE 519), also on analog AC/DC channels
  • Voltage, current harmonics and inter-harmonics according to IEC 61000-4-7
  • Voltage Flicker Class F1 according to IEC 61000-4-15
  • 2 kHz-150 kHz conducted emissions according to IEC 61000-4-30 ed3  (real time and recorded)
  • Monitoring of 2 X 3-phase voltage synchronized measurements (dual mode)
  • Clock synchronization via NTP, SNTP, or GPS
  • Waveform recordings up to 128 cycles, and up to 16 seconds RMS, upon event occurrence
  • Months of measurement data (16 GB embedded flash memory)
  • Embedded Web server, FTP server, email server, and embedded firewall

(*) 4 MHz on a single channel , 1 MHz on four voltage channels

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