Order Part Number ETH1-10T-00

Connect your PQube via Ethernet Module to access PQube data remotely from anywhere in the world, using any web browser. No Software Required!

  1. PQube automatically generates and sends an email whenever a disturbance occurs (or periodically):
    1. Spreadsheets: CSV Excel© - compatible files; events, trends, statistics.
    2. Pictures: Events and trend/statistics as picture graphs output directly from PQube in typical GIF format (dual language supported).
    3. PQDIF: the IEEE's standard for power quality data files.
    4. Text, XML, and HTML summaries: perfect for interfacing with other programs.
  2. Built-in web server - see status and meters, retrieve files, change configuration, update firmware, reset PQube...
  3. Command the PQube by email: reset, generate snapshot, retrieve files (free email account for each PQube)
  4. FTP server for easy file transfer.
  5. Modbus-TCP for SCADA applications.
  6. External time synchronization via SNTP.
PQube Compliance
PS1 attached to PQube