The PQube 3 is a fully-certified power quality disturbance recorder, plus a fully-certified energy meter, plus a whole collection of additional recording channels.
The microPMU, or µPMU, is the ultra-precise Phasor Measurement Unit developed for the U.S. Department of Energy ARPA-E Micro-synchrophasor project. It measures voltage and current fundamental phase angles with a resolution of 0.001°, and magnitudes with a resolution of 2PPM (0.0002%). Time stamps are accurate to better than 0.000001 seconds.
The PQube 3 and the microPMU are exactly the same hardware, but are loaded with different firmware, and are passed through different calibration procedures.
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PQube 3



Sensitive loads, metering locations, railroads, shipboard, semiconductor, data centers, medical equipment and hospitals, etc.

Research on power distribution grid and microgrid stability, nuclear plant start-up stability, detect cyber attacks on substations, grid impedance measurements, etc.

Basic functions

  1. World’s best power quality recorder
  2. Ultra-accurate energy meter
  3. Environmental measurement recorder
  1. Measure the voltage, current, and angle difference between any pair of locations on a distribution grid
  2. Ultra-precise measurements of fundamental

Basic measurements

  1. Volts, amps at DC/16.7/50/60/400 Hz
  2. Harmonics, 2kHz-150kHz, 4 MHz impulse
  3. Temperature/humidity/


  1. DC voltages and currents
  2. Time stamps to 1 millisecond
  3. Typical resolution ±0.01%
  1. Volts, amps at 50/60 Hz
  2. fundamental magnitude and fundamental angle only
  3. Time stamps to 1 microsecond
  4. Typical resolution ±0.0002%

Reporting rate

Varies according to disturbance, power flow: 4 million samples per second max.

Constant: 2 ultra-high-resolution readings per 50/60 Hz cycle.


Built-in web site, built-in email, FTP, photo-like graphs, many standard file formats

Packets to BtrDB server, and IEEE C37 protocol. Local storage of packets for up to 4 months for zero-loss research data.


No software required.
Can work with Excel®, PQView

BtrDB Plotter (new, open source) or any IEEE C37 program such as free Open PDC

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