Just One Model Auto-Configures for Every Worldwide Power Configuration!

  1. Class A Edition 3 Power Quality
  2. Energy Revenue Meter - the best Class 0.2 Accuracy
  3. Additional AC, DC, and Environment Sensor Channels
  4. World's Smallest & Most Advanced Power Analyzer
  5. Built-in email - every PQube 3 comes with its own FREE email account
  6. No software required.
  7. If you can use a digital camera, you can use a PQube 3!
More! Meet the new PQube 3e

PQube® Classic

PQ1 Power Quality Sensor

Voltage Sag Generator

The tiny PQube is a superb Energy and Power Quality recorder, with tens of thousands of years of solid, reliable field experience. Compact and cost-effective, it has 16GB of memory. Packed with features, it's easy to use and works in 42 different languages.
No software required.
Need the simplest possible Power Quality sensor? The PQ1 gives you AC-in, relay-contact-out simplicity. Your software will know every time there is a sag, dip, swell, or impulse on the mains. Often embedded in advanced high-tech manufacturing equipment.
Ultra Low Cost.
PSL's Industrial Power Corruptors generate bad quality power, reliably and repeatedly. Use an IPC to test your sensitive design, then fix any problems that you find. 1-phase or 3-phase, up to 480V, up to 200 A.
You'll be confident that your system will work reliably, anywhere in the world.