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Airbus Airbus and its suppliers rely on PSL's Industrial Power Corruptor to make sure ground support equipment will work reliably at world-wide airports. And PSL's new PQube's 400-Hz capability matches well with the Airbus's sophisticated aircraft power grid.
Applied Materials Applied Materials is the leading world-wide supplier of automated semiconductor manufacturing equipment - probably the highest-tech company in the world. Applied Materials counts on Power Standards Lab for its expertise on electric power for world-wide sensitive loads: for SEMI F47 voltage sag immunity certification, for PSL's Industrial Power Corruptors, and for PSL's PQ1 power quality relays to automate response to voltage sags. All of these greatly reduce Applied's world-wide service costs. PSL also regularly provides consulting services to Applied for difficult-to-solve power problems.
Chevron Chevron uses the PQube to alert Facilities Engineers and Service Personnel of unusual Power Quality events or Energy usage. The PQube sends real-time notifications through email to their mobile phones, so issues concerning reliability of operation and safety can be promptly identified, without costly and time-consuming investigations.
Cymer Cymer makes the best industrial lasers in the world, used for the most difficult, precise applications. Cymer uses PSL's Industrial Power Corruptor to certify all Cymer lasers for immunity to voltage disturbances.
FAA The Federal Aviation Administration relies on Power Standards Lab's Industrial Power Corruptor to test their critical equipment for immunity to voltage disturbances, and to verify inrush current specifications.
GE Security Airport operations rely on continuous operation of security systems. In their latest systems, GE Security uses embedded PSL PQubes to record disruptive power disturbances, simplifying service calls (and reducing service costs).
NASA NASA is experimenting with PSL's PQube as a laboratory-grade energy instrument combined with a high-end power quality monitor. The PQube's low cost, and ease of use, makes it ideal for monitoring power at NASA's ground stations. And with the PQube's automatic self-configuration to 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz, and self-configuration for any world-wide power configuration, NASA can standardize on a single no-options instrument for world-wide base stations.
Petronas Petronas is the world's fourth-largest energy company. Based in Malaysia, Petronas is experimenting with PQubes to analyze power issues on off-shore oil platforms.
Southern California Edison Southern California Edison, one of the most advanced U.S. utilities, deploys PQubes in various experimental projects that need precise and complete energy data - data that's not available from standard instruments and meters . SCE also counts on their PSL Industrial Power Corruptor for evaluating equipment immunity to voltage sags.
Schilling Robotics Schilling Robotics makes the world's most advanced deep-sea Remote Operated Vehicles. The ROV's are electrically powered from a surface ship, but there are many slip rings between the ship and the ROV. Schilling is experimenting with evaluating the shipboard power and the ROV power simultaneously using PSL's PQube.
Siemens Siemens counts on PSL for a wide variety of electric power issues. Siemens Medical is experimenting with PSL PQubes to reduce service costs on advanced MRI equipment. Siemens Industrial relies on PSL to test and certify their power quality instruments. Siemens also counts on PSL's Industrial Power Corruptor for certifying the voltage sag immunity of power supplies and adjustable speed drives. And various groups in Siemens rely on PSL to provide power quality training and advanced information about electric power measurements.
Toshiba Reliable operations and safety are critical in diagnostic and surgery medical systems. To Toshiba Medical Systems the benefit of embedding the PQube in medical equipment is significant not only from the operational standpoint, but also from a warranty, maintenance and legal perspective.
T-Solar T-Solar makes advanced solar power systems in Spain. PSL PQubes are used to monitor precise electric power consumption of manufacturing equipment - a critical parameter for any green manufacturer.
VSEA Varian has begun embedding the PQube in many of its tools. This way Varian's customers can identify when production problems ought to be attributed to bad power quality. As a result, Varian's servicing costs are minimized and customer's uptime maximized.
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Semiconductor fabs are under great pressure to minimize equivalent CO2 emitted. The PQube easily outputs the gr/hr of CO2 emitted on a tool-by-tool basis.